Aurora From Space

What do auroras look like from space? From the ground, auroras dance high above clouds, frequently causing spectacular displays. The International Space Station (ISS) orbits just at the same height as many auroras, though. Therefore, sometimes it flies over them, but also sometimes it flies right through. The auroral electron and proton streams are too thin to be a danger to the ISS, just as clouds pose little danger to airplanes. ISS Science Officer Don Pettit captured a green aurora, pictured above in a digitally sharpened image. From orbit, Dr. Pettit reports, changing auroras can appear to crawl around like giant green amoebas. Far below, on planet Earth, the Manicouagan Impact Crater can be seen in northern Canada.

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The Dreamy Beauty Bedroom Allure

Matsuo Hiromi’s works have graced these blog pages before but each work of hers seems to take an eternity to be released… so when one new image comes out I will find any excuse to post it! We can’t have a one image post so just think of it as a walk down dreamy memory lane. Click here the official Matsuo Hiromi site.

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